Saturday, 3 December 2011


This is my family home and the red dot on the doorstep is me! My maternal grandparents bought Chesterhill in 1970. Two generations of Greene's have grown up here. My mother and her siblings (along with visitations from my Grandmother's sister's children) make up the first generation and the offspring of the first make up the second.

Last time I visited Chesterhill was for my Grandfather's funeral in 2003, but summer of 2011 brought an irresistible longing to see her again. This resulted first in a round trip in June and later a two month retreat from August to October. I left London, Victoria at 11:45pm on Friday June 3rd and arrived at Dundee, Seagate at 10:40am on Saturday June 4th. I walked to the house (4 miles across the Tay from Dundee) found her abandoned, broke in through the back door, took some pictures, walked back to Dundee, boarded the 8:40pm bus to London and arrived back into Victoria at 7am on Sunday June 5th. Walked home, showered and went to work.

June rolled into July, July into August and with the passing months came the stifling heat of an oppressive summer. The cool sweet breezes of Fife blew silent and strong. And I ran to them. I had intended leaving on August 18th but it was too much, too far away. I left on August 11th. By August 19th I had cleaned a room for me, cleared the drive of weeds, "deforested" the gutters, scrubbed the West Wing kitchen, discovered how to make the electricity in the West Wing work and with said discovery managed to turn the hot water on!


  1. Stunning house...and so touching to hear a bit about the family history! I believe it has now been purchased, and so hope the new owners return it to it's former glory....i understand it can be a long, expensive and arduous task....but so worth all the hard work! I have been interested in buildings like this for several years...mainly for the purposes of photography and the history (and no I'm not one of those horrific YouTube Urbexers!😣). But I do have a huge amount of curiosity about how beautiful buildings end up like this? It is obviously well loved by the remaining family, with many happy memories...i would love to understand what actually happens when a beautiful old home loses it's last owners? I realise this may be a very personal question that you would prefer not to answer....but is there a reason that it remained empty for so long? Your love for the house is do obvious from your just leaves me with a million questions! Keeping my fingers crossed that a new generation will be able to enjoy it for the next 100 years...with a little tlc!🙂

  2. Just left to rot ......Why was it not sold before now.
    Disgusting that people can afford to let these beautiful buildings fall into such conditions

    1. Babe, keep your negative opinions to yourself. There’s always more to every story than your narrow minded and bigoted comment can possibly allow for.

  3. I was invited there for a coffee by the person whom I assume was your grandmother back in 1980 or thereabouts. She was very bright. We disagreed about politics, but I liked her nevertheless. I had a brisk tour of the grounds -- alas, all I can remember of the place is that we met a rabbit at some point.