Sunday, 22 January 2012

The End

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111 Miles

Friday, Jan 20th: HomeSlice operate at Kings Cross Boulevard's Eat.St. on Friday's and as they had misplaced their ladle the Count decided to lend them one of mine. Off we trotted at 9:15am to get there in good time before they started serving pizza at 11am. On the way we visited The Guardian offices

"They gave us Four Stars you know!"

As we walked home we assessed a few more potential escape routes 

Uploaded all the pics for 111 miles, wandered back over to Kings Cross just in time to help HomeSlice load up

Went back home and hung around waiting for my little brother, walked with him to the Arcola Theatre to show him where it was as he wanted to watch Count Oederland. Headed home again and on the way bumped into an old chum/overseer who is now part of a vegetable growing co-operative called Organic Lea. Had a quick drink with him. Grabbed a book and my tenant's camera and shot back off to the Arcola to see the Director re filming the show on the last day. Sadly he'd gone home, but I hung around till 11:30pm ish chatting to the cast and some audience members. Home again and bed!
(16 miles)

Saturday, Jan 21st: Ran up to Broadway Market to see the Count Oederland poster in Stella Blunt's shop

Popped into Climpson's and elicited the reaction of "Oh F**K!" from a friend that works there! Not quite the reaction one hopes for when popping in to say hi to a chum...   :D
I think it was because he'd forgotten to bring my cake box into work with him, although I didn't mind at all!

Whizzed home and sped over to the grocers to pick up a few cake ingredients so that I could bake a cake for the Oederland cast to scoff whilst we did the Get Out, but sadly I then took too long sorting out some other stuff and had to rush off to the theatre with the camera so that we could sort the filming out without having baked the cake. Never mind! Cast party next week...

Watched the cast warming up (filmed a little bit of it too!!)

Filmed the wide angle shots during the matinee performance. Downloaded the footage and recharged the battery and had a bite to eat in the break. Shot a few close ups during the evening performance.

Did the Get Out!!!

I was sent with the broken/dismantled stage and backdrop to Cricklewood where Jethro Compton of Belt Up Theatre was waiting to receive it. Off loaded and stacked it in his back garden.

Walked home.

Popped into my best buds house for a cup of tea, some pizza and a few hands of "Presidents & Arseholes" (what a name for a card game!), before heading home at around 4:30am. Crashed into bed at 5:30am and just woke up about an hour and a half ago... (1pm ish)
(14 miles)

Now to go and take down all those Count Oederland posters I hung up!

Boooo Hoooo, I'm 9 miles short of my hoped for target of 150.


The Making of My Lumatwill Trousers

Friday, 20 January 2012

111 Miles

Day One
Day Two
Days 3 & 4
Day 5

Bit of a relaxed start to the week...

Monday, Jan 16th: spent 7 hours in the bath, read "The Pleasure Garden" by Leon Garfield cover to cover. Then popped down to the Arcola Theatre so say hi to the cast post-performance.
(2 miles)

Tuesday, Jan 17th: wandered over to New Oxford Street to have lunch with my old chum (and housemate) in a secret garden type place at the back of her office block

Meandered up to Exmouth Market to see if my oldest, bestest pal was at work

She wasn't. 

Popped over to Climpson's on Broadway Market to visit another chum. He was at at work! Yay!

Swung by Hackney City Farm to see if my pal Gustavo Montes de Oca was back from Mexico. He is back in the UK but not back at work. Lazy sod!

 Went home and ate a little bowl of pasta

Dashed over to my alter-ego's knitting shop, Prick Your Finger, where Count Oederland got to grips with the niddy-noddy again

Rachael, Count Oederland and I then went to watch Count Oederland at the Arcola! My fifth time and it still makes me chortle :D

After which I head back to Caravan where I hung out with not only the friend I had sought earlier but also one of my other bestest buddies. Stayed over at their house.
(12 miles)

Wednesday, Jan 18th: did a spot of house work before saying goodbye to my pals. Sped home, showered, changed and breakfasted and headed over to Prick Your Finger again. Arrived between 1-2pm and spent the next 12 hours niddy-noddying like mad!!!

Me at 1:30am and the 79 skeins of wool I niddy-noddied!

(2 miles)

Thursday, Jan 19th
Staggered home and flopped into bed around 2:30am. Slept in till much later than I expected. Not really sure what time I left the house but here is what Count Oederland got up to!

As we passed by Farringdon train station we bumped into Hal Messel (son of bespoke furniture maker Thomas Messel) who is currently working with my old friend Jocelyn Burton. He was heading over to drop some waxes off with my chums at B A C Castings so I tagged along and walked with him back to Jocelyn's.

We checked the Count into his fancy hotel, couldn't see the Countess anywhere but I'm sure she'll show up at some point

Visited some museums: Natural History, Science and Victoria & Albert

Count Oederland admiring the detail of the Henry Cole building

Count Oederland quite dwarfed by the size of the Natural History Museum

"They say you can buy anything at Harrods. I wonder if they'll have my yacht in stock?"

"Our Foreign Friends are delighted with our Cold Buffett! It could have been by Rubens, one of them said!"

Count Oederland then decided to pay a few calls...

Count Oederland chuckling maniacally to himself outside Buckingham Palace: "One day this will be My residency!"

Count Oederland glaring at Oliver Cromwell and jeering at the Houses of Parliament at their inability to quell his insurrection!

Count Oederland outside the Public Prosecutors villa (also known as Duck Island Cottage)

"The barb-wire entanglement will be finished in a quarter of an hour"

The Count also assessed some potential escape routes: Victoria, Charing Cross & Waterloo

Before heading over to visit HomeSlice at Browns of Brockley, the Count and I dropped into Hackney City Farm again, where the Count and the Farm Manager got into a bit of a spin!

The Count lurking outside the Tower of London plotting the escape of Convict One-One-Two

Count Oederland & Mr. Whiting of HomeSlice discussing axe technique

Home and bed = 25 miles

2 + 12 + 2 + 25 = 41

41 + 70 = 111 miles done

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Day 5!

"Chores come first before fun Count!"

Count Oederland wondering how long it would take to axe his way through all the revellers on Columbia Road Flower Market

Count Oederland surveying more revellers on Brick Lane to either axe or co-opt into his rebellion

Count Oederland contemplating an attack on Spitalfields Market

Count Oederland crossing Tower Bridge, wondering how long it would take to swim to Santorini

Count Oederland outside "Grasshopper Sewer" (also known as Rotherhithe Tunnel)

Count Oederland taking in some calm waters and watching the birdies flapping about...

Count Oederland wondering if this is the right forest path to the "Woodcutters" house?

Count Oederland at his destination! Surrey Docks City Farm

After a hearty meal courtesy of my dear old chum and head chef of Frizzante at Surrey Docks Count Oederland and I made our way back to Broadway Market where we expected to meet some friends but when we arrived we found that Climpson's was already closed and they'd all gone home :(

Popped into Frizzante at Hackney City Farm to have a quick chat with the team, went home, blogged and went to bed...

Only 12 miles today, but I'm happy to say that I've now walked for 70 miles with a Count Oederland poster sewn onto my coat!

Days 3 & 4

DAY THREE: Friday 13th

Began the day winding balls of wool at Prick Your Finger on Globe Road

Popped over to the British Museum at lunch time to meet a friend and have another game of chess at the Camera Cafe

Rushed over to Kings Cross Boulevard's Eat Street to visit the newly back in action after the holidays HomeSlice, didn't get to eat any yummy pizza but "helped" pack up and drove with them to Brockley. 

Hung out for a bit in the Browns of Brockley kitchen, got a lift back to Clerkenwell and walked home

Made myself a fake HomeSlice pizza with the dough and toppings they gave me :D and went to bed!

a further 6 miles done

DAY FOUR: Saturday 14th

Count Oederland admiring all the balls of wool he wound yesterday and this morning

Count Oederland about to enter the fray at Broadway Market

Count Oederland and Printers & Stationer's Augustin de La Brosse queueing for a Lucky Chip burger at Netil Market

Count Oederland enjoying his Lucky Chip burger in comfort and style at "Stella Blunt" on the top of Broadway Market

Appetite still not sated Count Oederland wended a path back to Columbia Road where he made yet another fake HomeSlice pizza, before embarking on another trek to Hammersmith

Count Oederland at Old Street Roundabout

Count Oederland at Hatton Garden

Count Oederland cursing Eros for shooting him with a poisoned arrow

Count Oederland passing by Wellington Arch

Count Oederland gazing at the Prince Albert Memorial, morose in the knowledge that "Coco" would never build the like for him should he pass

Count Oederland passing by the Hammersmith Surgery, wondering if he could get an appointment with Dr. Hahn

Count Oederland discussing politics, theatre and philosophy with my Father on/by Hammersmith Bridge

Count Oederland and my Father peering at the almost indiscernible North Star 

Count Oederland drinking himself under the table at the Blue Anchor pub overlooking the River Thames after a long days walk and with a fair few miles still left in front of him...

Walked home and went to bed... 24 miles done

RUNNING TOTAL: 58 miles to raise funds for the transfer of Count Oederland to the Arcola Theatre. To sponsor me don't forget to visit Cerberus Theatre's website!

Day 5