Monday, 9 January 2012

The Beginning

I had intended to start my stomp around London on Tuesday the 10th - Opening Night for Count Oederland, but my father fell over on Saturday. He lives in Hammersmith and as I couldn't borrow a bicycle to get to him faster I decided that given that I had to walk I may as well start early on the making up for not walking to Shropshire.

I left Columbia Road at around 5pm

Walked in a fairly straight line to Piccadilly, past the Eros statue

Through Wellington Arch

Along Knightsbridge, merging into Kensington Road (then Kensington High Street and finally Hammersmith Road) and passing Royal Albert Hall

And of course the Albert Memorial opposite

Arriving in Hammersmith at 7pm ish.

Chatted to my father for a while over flapjacks and tea and set off for home around 9:30pm.

Walking home the exact same route - making a detour to Red Lion Street to deliver a birthday card for Jocleyn Burton and a pit stop on St. John's Street to see a friend and for more tea. Finally reaching home at around 2am.

16 miles down...

Day Two

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