Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Fashion Student

On the 21st of March my friend Barley (who owns Fabrications on Broadway Market) called me to say that she had a Fashion Design Student interested in commissioning an orange jumper dress for her final degree show coming up in May.

Miss v G working on the commission

I met with the student a few times before taking on and beginning the commission and each time I met  or spoke with her she either added on another piece of clothing that she wanted knitting, shortened the  completion deadline or increased the number of yarns to be used in the pieces!

In short the commission became four pieces:

1) Orange Jumper Dress - with reflective trim
4) Orange & Pink Cardigan - with reflective and other threads woven in

the materials and tools used

All to be completed before the 28th of April - click the links above to find out how I got on!

And now the pieces have all been modelled and photographed properly! (below is her whole collection)

Orange & Pink Cardigan

Knitted on 15mm, 10mm and 2.75mm needles

April 12th - began knitting back panel

April 13th - finished knitting back panel

April 14th - began knitting front panel

April 15th - front panel progression

April 16th - finished knitting front panels

April 16th - began knitting sleeves

Sleeve Detail

April 17th - finished knitting sleeves

April 18th - assembled panels

Had Fun Trying the Cardigan on People!

Miss v G in the Cardigan

April 19th - began knitting trim

April 22nd finished knitting trim, knitted back shoulder panel and sewed onto cardigan

Commission Complete!

Total hours: 64

Silver Bra

Knitted on 4.5mm and 2.75mm needles

April 2nd - knitted outline

April 3rd - knitted cups

April 4th - knitted side panels

April 9th - sewed outline and side panels together

April 11th - sewed cups in

Commission Complete!

Total hours: 25

Reflective Pink & Silver Skirt

Knitted on 8mm and 2.75mm needles

March 31st - began knitting

April 1st - unravelled and re-knitted front panel

April 5th - received extra materials, knitted back panel & sewed together

April 6th - knitted trim and sewed on

Commission Complete!

Total hours: 32